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Water quality is an essential determinant of health status in the world. In Wolverhampton, water testing is necessary to ensure your building and its water system are free from Legionella, which causes Legionellosis. The grave effect of Legionella on human health necessitates Legionella and water risk assessment in Wolverhampton and the responsibility of ensuring that your building occupants don't feel these effects.

Envirisk is a leading Legionella consultant in Wolverhampton that helps building owners ensure building compliance with the local Legionella risk guidelines in HSG 274 and ACoP L8. We provide services that help landlords fulfil their responsibilities to their tenants through Legionella risk assessment and water testing.

You can prevent the effects of Legionella and Legionellosis by employing any of our services, including water system testing, cleaning, disinfection, and ventilation system testing for Legionella. We will provide a detailed Legionellosis report that guides you on the next action after testing.


Legionella is a bacteria that causes Legionnaire's disease, characterized by respiratory difficulty, among other symptoms. It is commonly found in water sources, including natural and man-made ones, like rivers, lakes, and pools. It can also thrive in cooling towers, hot tubs, and plumbing systems if they need to be adequately maintained or if their water source is infected. The occupants of a building with Legionella issues can develop Legionnaires disease after inhaling aerosolized water droplets containing the bacteria. Although it is rare for Legionella to be passed from person to person, it spreads fast and causes a public health crisis when many share the same water source.

The implication of Legionella is bleak regardless of where it occurs, but it is scarier in the healthcare setting. The healthcare environment is susceptible to mass infection of people, including patients and healthcare professionals, and is an essential place to direct Legionella testing and assessment risk efforts. Large buildings, commercial and residential, are other important places to watch out for.


Envirisk stands out as the most professional and competent of the many Legionella consultants in Wolverhampton. We help building owners perform Legionella remedial works and ensure they meet the local safety codes.

Our Legionella control services in Wolverhampton include the following:


Legionella Risk Assessment

Legionella risk assessment in Wolverhampton involves evaluating the potential sources of Legionella bacteria and ensuring they don't pose any risk to their users. Our Legionella risk assessments in Wolverhampton usually follow the same detailed pattern to satisfy the Legionella test for landlords in Wolverhampton. It generally includes:


Legionella Inspection

This service is the first step in assessing Legionella in any system. To ascertain the amount of Legionella bacteria present, we perform Legionella checks in Wolverhampton that cover all natural and manufactured water sources, including pools, hot tubs, and fountains.


Legionella Testing

The next stage is testing for Legionella in those water sources. Legionella testing in Wolverhampton involves using scientific procedures to ascertain the population level of the bacteria in the water sources. The results determine if they're at a detrimental level and are usually included in our report.


Legionella Monitoring

After inspecting and testing water sources for Legionella, depending on the result of the tests, your building may need continuous monitoring for the bacteria, especially if the bacterial growth in your water source or channels is rapid and concerning. Hence, our Legionella monitoring services in Wolverhampton.

Water Risk Assessment

Our understanding of Legionella's habitat helps us to focus on water sources, channels, and ventilation channels. Our water risk assessment in Wolverhampton is part of our Legionella testing risk assessment service. However, it describes our focus better.


Water Sampling

We take samples from your water source and channels to ascertain the Legionella risk level of your water source and some from your plumbing for tests. Our water sampling in Wolverhampton helps you know your Legionella problem's root.


Water testing

After taking water samples, we test them for the bacteria—our Legionella water testing in Wolverhampton shows which sample poses the risk of Legionella problems. Our test results are published in reports available in print or PDF format; hence, our Legionella report in Wolverhampton.


Tank and system disinfection

Suppose your water samples show that your water sources or channels, including plumbing and air conditioners, have a high-risk Legionella level. In that case, our report presents solutions for your problem.

Our tank & system disinfection in Wolverhampton service caters to cleaning and eliminating Legionella from your water storage and channelling systems. We leave your water source free of the dreaded bacteria.


The importance of Legionella risk assessment and water testing in Wolverhampton is the same as in other places. They include the following:


Public Health Crisis Prevention

Legionnaires' disease can be severe and even fatal, causing a public health crisis if large buildings and health facilities are affected; one of the ways to prevent this is water testing. Water testing helps identify the presence of Legionella in water systems, allowing for early detection and intervention to prevent outbreaks and protect public health. Regular testing of water systems, especially in high-risk settings like hospitals, hotels, and industrial facilities, helps prevent the growth and spread of Legionella. Identifying elevated bacterial levels prompts action to disinfect and maintain water systems properly.

Legal Compliance to Legionella Risk Assessment Codes

In many regions, some regulations and guidelines require certain facilities to test their water systems for Legionella; the same applies to Wolverhampton. As a building owner or landlord in Wolverhampton, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that your building doesn't pose any legionellosis risk to its occupants. Compliance with these regulations is essential to avoid legal consequences and fines.

Occupational Safety

Ensuring that workplace environments are free from Legionella contamination is vital to protect employees and visitors. Water testing helps businesses fulfil their duty of care in providing a safe working environment.

Cost Savings

Early detection of Legionella can lead to cost-effective mitigation measures. It's often more expensive to address a Legionella outbreak in terms of healthcare costs and damage to reputation than to invest in regular testing and prevention.


You can ensure your building's safety for its occupants by reaching out to us via 0114 551 5599. Alternatively, fill out our contact form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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