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Envirisk Ltd are the local Legionella compliance service provider in Rotherham. We provide the most competitive pricing and exceptional consultancy & risk management services across the UK.

We provide a professional Legionella Risk Assessment service where one our City & amp; Guilds qualified Legionella Risk Assessors attends your site to carry out a full survey of the premises’ water systems. During the survey we will inspect materials, design and condition of the water system along with the control measures in place, management and risk to the site personnel according to their vulnerability. This is all included in our Legionella risk assessment Rotherham.

Envirisk Legionella risk assessments are completely bespoke and never use any generic automated recommendations as we are seeing more commonly from our competitors.  

Once the legionella risk assessment site survey has been conducted the findings are compiled into a risk assessment document and schematic drawing. This is then checked by our QC management team for a final quality inspection the Legionella risk assessment & schematic drawing will then be sent out electronically or printed and posted. Envirisk follow a high quality and disciplined standard to ensure client safety and compliance. Contact us now at Envirisk for help and advice on gaining compliant and safe water systems.


We are proud to have highly experienced and professional team of environmental consultants whom can provide the highest quality legionella testing and risk management services. Our team are dedicated to providing an industry high standard of service. All of our City and Guilds WH004 qualified Legionella risk assessors fully comply with current HSE ACoP L8 and HSG 274 guidance. We work hard to ensure that we provide the best and most practical guidance to ensure your site can control the risk of Legionella bacteria in Rotherham. Here at Envirisk we understand our clients obligations to provide safe buildings & amp; workplaces and to comply with all government health and safety legislation. We also understand that you do not want to receive an expensive complex report that is difficult to understand.


As Legionella control specialists, Envirisk offer an economical and easy to interpret Legionella Risk Assessment. The report will always highlight the legislation but ensure the actions you need to take specific to your building are foremost and easy to perceive. We always provide any aftercare consultation that our clients require, helping you gain a safe and compliant water system. We carry out legionella risk assessments to every type of building and workplace across the Rotherham area including; dental practices, medical centres, spas, construction sites, leisure centres, council buildings, housing companies, education sites, hotels, commercial warehouses, and factories. The control of Legionella in Rotherham is required for all work places and rental properties. No matter your type of business, building or water system it is vital that you control the risk of legionnaires disease a potentially fatal type of pneumonia with control measures, frequent risk assessment and testing in Rotherham. Our services are cost-effective and will ensure that you comply with government legislative guidance. To arrange a Legionella testing & risk assessment in Rotherham, simply get in touch now. You can submit an enquiry form above and include a few details about your building. We will quickly reply with a quote and our availability schedule to carry out a Legionella risk assessments and site survey. Alternatively, give us a call and one of the team will be happy to help.



If you are the responsible person for a building or workplace in Rotherham that has any form of water system used by employees, tenants, or the public, then you are legally required to control the risk of legionella. Our comprehensive legionella risk assessments in Rotherham are a key step to compliance and safe water systems.


Legionella bacteria is present in Rotherham as its it around the entire UK. The bacterium Legionella pneumophila and related bacteria are common in natural water sources such as rivers, lakes and reservoirs, but usually in low numbers. They are also present in all forms of purpose-built hot and cold water systems. If conditions are favourable, the bacteria will multiply increasing the risks of Legionnaires’ disease and it is therefore important to control the risks by introducing appropriate measures outlined by the HSE guidance documents HSG 274 and ACoP L8. The main route of infection is through inhalation, by breathing in airborne water droplets that contain Legionella bacteria. The majority of cases or outbreaks of the disease have been via domestic hot and cold water systems, evaporative cooling towers, poorly maintained artificial water systems and spa pools. Vulnerability is heightened for certain groups including; people over 45 years of age, smokers and heavy drinkers, people suffering from chronic respiratory or kidney disease, people suffering from Diabetes, lung and heart disease, anyone with an impaired immune system.


Legionellosis is a collective term for diseases caused by legionella bacteria including the most serious Legionnaires’ disease, as well as the similar but less serious conditions of Pontiac fever and Lochgoilhead fever. Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia and everyone is susceptible to infection.


It is vital that all premises in Rotherham and across the UK implement the required control methods specific to the type of system and its design on your site, and continuously assess the risk where any changes may occur.

As an employer or a person in control of a premises in Rotherham, you are legally required to take responsibility for health and safety meaning you need to implement the right precautions to reduce the risks of exposure to legionella and other health risks. This includes making sure that you carry out a sufficient Legionella Risk Assessment and act upon the findings and recommendation in the report.

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