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Ensuring your water system is clean is an essential element of preventing the growth of legionella and other dangerous bacteria. Where water is stored e.g. tank in a loft or hot water cylinder the risk of legionella bacteria growth is higher. Areas where water is stored increases the chance of bacteria growth and multiplication; systems with stored water need to be careful monitored and maintained to ensure all control measures are being carried out to lower the risk. We offer a full range of cleaning and disinfection services including:

  • Cold water storage tank cleaning & disinfection

  • Full disinfection of hot and cold water systems

  • Mains water system disinfection and dosing

  • Calorifier & water heater disinfection and descale

Our cleaning and disinfection services are carried out in accordance with ACoP L8 and BS 8558:2015 which states that cleaning and disinfection should be carried out when the following occurs:

  • New water system installations or refurbishment of hot and cold water systems

  • Installation of new components

  • Systems that have been out of use for long periods of time

  • Evidence of contamination or stagnation in tanks

  • Substantial alterations to the systems

  • Following sample results indicating contamination

  • During or following an outbreak of legionella

  • Where indicated by the risk assessment

We will update the site log book and issue disinfection certification quickly after the works are completed, ensuring all measures are carried out in full and all required information is recorded efficiently.


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