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Envirisk offers top-notch Legionella compliance services in Coventry and surrounding areas. We provide exceptional advice, competitive pricing, and industry-leading risk management services. Our expert team conducts thorough Legionella risk assessments in Coventry. One of our skilled environmental consultants will visit your site to assess the water systems, considering design, materials, and conditions. This evaluation includes reviewing control measures, management practices and assessing susceptibility. This ensures you are fully informed about any risks and the necessary actions.


Our Legionella risk assessments are always tailor-made, avoiding generic recommendations. After the on-site survey, the findings are compiled into a detailed document and schematic drawing. These documents undergo a rigorous quality inspection by our QC management team before being delivered as a PDF electronically or as a printed report. At Envirisk, we maintain high standards for client safety and compliance.


Envirisk is one of the leading Legionella consultants in Coventry. Our comprehensive legionella risk assessments in Coventry are crucial for compliance and maintaining safe water systems.


We understand the importance of providing safe buildings and workplaces in compliance with government Health and Safety legislation, so we offer an economical and easy-to-understand Legionella Risk Assessment report highlighting the necessary actions specific to your building.

Our legionella risk assessments cover various premises and sites in Coventry, including dental practices, medical centres, spas, construction sites, leisure centres, council buildings, housing companies, education sites, hotels, commercial warehouses, and factories. We offer the following Legionella-related services in Coventry:


Legionella Inspection

To know if your building meets the local safety codes in Coventry, it must be subjected to regular inspection provided you meet the Legionella testing requirements in Coventry—our Legionella inspection checks for the bacteria in all water and ventilation systems.

Our Legionella inspection service helps to ensure that your building's occupants are safe from diseases related to Legionella.


Legionella Testing

It's essential for all Coventry premises to implement appropriate control methods specific to their system's design and to evaluate risks in case of any changes continuously. As a building owner or landlord in Coventry, it's your legal responsibility to ensure Health and Safety standards. This includes carrying out a professional Legionella Risk Assessment, implementing necessary control measures, and taking corrective actions.


Water Risk Assessment

Legionella bacteria are primarily found in water; therefore, water risk assessment in Coventry is paramount in helping the Coventry populace ensure good health. Our Legionella water risk assessment service includes the following:


Water Sampling

Envirisk's Legionella water risk assessment starts with water sampling in Coventry to ascertain the level of Legionella spread in a building. This service serves to satisfy the Legionella test for landlords in Coventry and ensure that they meet the governmental requirement for building safety.

The water sampling service is part of our legionella water testing in Coventry service to kickstart Legionella checks in Coventry.

Water Testing

If you own, rent, or lease a property in Coventry with water systems used by employees, tenants, or the public, you're obligated to control the risk of Legionella, and Envirisk is here to help you.

We understand where and how Legionella bacteria thrives and spreads. We also recognize that meeting Legionella risk assessment testing for landlords in Coventry starts with testing the water systems. Therefore, Envirisk's water testing in Coventry checks for legionella contamination in the water systems.

Tank & System Disinfection

The cleaner your tanks and water system are, the lower your chances of getting a Legionella-related health crisis on your hands. Although an inspection will reveal the problem, disinfecting the concerned parts will keep any problems at bay. Our tank & system disinfection in Coventry service helps to eliminate Legionella from your water systems and keeps it clean for a considerable long time. This service allows you to pass the water risk assessment in Coventry for some time.

Legionella Report

To mitigate the risk of Legionnaires' related diseases, it's crucial to follow HSE guidance documents such as HSG 274 and ACoP L8. Most outbreaks have been linked to domestic water systems, cooling towers, poorly maintained artificial water systems, and spa pools. However, you can only do little with a proper report informing your following action. After inspecting your property and testing for Legionella, we'll provide a detailed and professional report informing you of your next course of action. You can have the report in print or as a PDF document.

Legionella Monitoring in Coventry

An inspection or test doesn't end the possibility of a Legionella-related health issue. Therefore, constant water and ventilation systems monitoring for Legionella growth and spread is necessary. Envirisk helps to keep your building and its occupant legionella-free with our legionella monitoring service in Coventry.

Our highly experienced environmental advisors provide legionella testing and risk management services in Coventry. Our City and Guilds WH004 qualified Legionella risk assessors do adhere to current HSE ACoP L8 and HSG 274 guidance, ensuring top-quality consultancy and reporting.


Legionella is a type of bacteria, specifically Legionella pneumophila, that can cause a severe respiratory infection known as Legionnaires' disease. This bacterium is commonly found in natural water sources like rivers and lakes but can also thrive in manufactured water systems such as cooling towers, hot tubs, and plumbing systems if not properly maintained.

Legionella bacteria primarily spread through the inhalation of contaminated water droplets or aerosols. The bacteria can become airborne when water containing Legionella is agitated or aerosolized, such as sprayed, splashed, or turned into droplets (e.g., in showers, cooling towers, hot tubs, or fountains). People can become infected when they inhale contaminated aerosols or droplets. This is the most common route of transmission. Legionella does not typically spread from person to person like a contagious disease. In rare cases, Legionella can also be contracted if contaminated water is aspirated (inhaled into the lungs) while drinking, particularly in individuals with weakened immune systems or underlying health conditions.

Certain groups, such as those over 45, smokers, heavy drinkers, and individuals with chronic health conditions, are more vulnerable. Vulnerability also extends to people with diabetes, kidney disease, lung or heart conditions, and weakened immune systems.


Get in touch to arrange a Legionella testing and risk assessment in Coventry. Please fill out our inquiry form or call us at 0114 551 5599; one of our team members will gladly assist you.

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