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Legionella bacteria is a common and controllable bacteria that can cause several severe health conditions, including the deadly Legionnaires' disease. 


The risk should be managed by a legionella risk  assessment professional and under an on-going control scheme which include various monitoring and preventive actions bespoke to each type of water system. Due to hazards surrounding this and the potential serious risk to health, it is a legal requirement in the UK that all businesses and rented property conduct regular risk assessments and on-going preventive measures.


All businesses in the UK must comply with the authorities' legal guidance to maintain appropriate water hygiene standards. Envirisk is a leading UK legionella risk assessment  & water sampling company that can manage and assess the risk of your water system and carry out any preventive control measure to keep your water systems safe and compliant.

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If you're unsure whether your business or property requires legionella control measures, then chances are it's overdue. If you're in the UK, you can quickly contact Envirisk - a legionella and water testing company based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire for an assessment or consultation. 


If you are in charge of a facility and responsible for health and safety – particularly concerning water management – you may require water sampling professionals. 


Water sampling involves analysing for multiple types of waterborne bacteria and the levels of them may be present in different plant and areas of the water system. Water sampling is often required on older or more complex water systems, where water storage is present or the water system is of higher risk. Envirisk will consult with you where water sampling is required or would be good practice to ensure the highest level of compliance and safety is kept. Envirisk work woreth with only UKAS approved laboratories for the analysis of water sampling.

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Envirisk provides water management services based on the requirements of your business. The water monitoring service and measures you require  depend on the size of your business and the way your water system has been constructed.


Our service caters to meet your needs and conform to legal standards. Water hygiene experts will routinely arrive at your place of business and conduct legionella control, testing & preventive services that your premises require over an annual schedule, all in compliance with HSE ACoP and HSG 274 guidance. We will also carry out an annual audit of your facility and records to ensure the national standards, according to ACoP L8 and HSE 274 guidance are met.


Our services include but are not limited to, regular monitoring as often as required by HSE guidance,water sampling analysis interpretation of your facility where it's required,  on-going customer aftercare and consultation, along with recommended remedial & treatment options.

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Legionella risk assessment is crucial for your business's legal operation, but there may be additional work that might need carrying out; to ensure your facility’s water system is safe and compliant. That's why Envirisk also offers a service for remedial works and routine servicing of plant where required by the government’s regulations and guidance.


This Envirisk service requires our employees who are highly trained specialist plumbers with a background in legionella risk assessment and water hygiene. Envirisk works on all types of water systems, from domestic housing to industrial factory systems. Whatever the type control measures needed or issues you have at your place of business, Envirisk will locate it and ensure that full legislative compliance is met, by completing monitoring, preventive and remedial actions to the highest standard. 


Furthermore, Envirisk will maintain your water tanks and keep them compliant with regular checks and clean & disinfection. 


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Envirisk, a Sheffield based legionella control & risk assessment company, will send professional and qualified engineers to your facility to assess your water storage tanks and water systems to carry out vital disinfection processes and remedial works where required.


This process involves an assessment of the water systems followed by the clean and disinfection process. This may include the isolation of the hot &  cold water systems and storage tanks as well  as a chemical cleaning process to eradicate sediment, biofilm and all forms of bacteria including legionella bacteria.


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Envirisk is an experienced water hygiene specialist based in Sheffield Yorkshire but operating nationally and internationally. Offering Legionella compliance and full water management services, we specialise in providing sensible and reliable water hygiene services to a wide range of industries including schools, care homes, commercial establishments, catering businesses and property management companies to name but a few.  We have vast experience in working with complex and unique water systems.

Envirisk offers all services required to gain and maintain safety and compliance within your water systems.



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Envirisk is a Yorkshire based Legionella Risk and Water Hygiene Specialist. We work nationwide offering all required services to gain safe and compliance water systems including Legionella Risk Assessment, Monitoring & Maintenance, Water Sampling and Remedial Works.

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